Bad Weather Conditions Delay Project

Glan-Clywd-Hospital-300x223Adverse weather conditions delayed the installation of the new compressor package at the Post Graduate Training School at Glan Clwyd Hospital in North Wales.

The new compressor package which was built by Dentaliar, a bespoke package which was designed to supply air to the newly installed twelve dummy training heads in the recently commissioned training room

The installation which included the use of an 85 ton crane which lifted the half ton compressor package onto the plant area, which is on the hospital roof, the works had to be postponed due to high winds and extreme snow fall.

The total installation then took place a day before Easter when the weather eased briefly, The whole operation was then completed without problems and with clockwork precision.

Rosemary Roberts course coordinator of training courses commented that she was delighted that the project went so well and that the Dental Postgraduate Section of the Wales Deanery could now continue with dental clinical skills training to the Dental profession in Wales